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Saturday, January 17, 2004
My Prison

My Prison 

In this place
I am blind
In this prison
That is called my mind
Sadistic thoughts
Fill the air
But I have realized
That I don't really care
Into hearts
Enters hate
Destruction of one another
Is mankind's fate
So I locked myself
In my prison
To protect me from
The war that has arisen
But I have failed because
He has torn down a wall
And enters ever so slowly
As I start to fall
He reaches out
And takes my hand
He wants to take me
To a better land
So I took it
And hoped that he wasn't fake
And his love
I did not forsake
My heart and soul
Now belong to him, my knight
He promises to be by my side
Throughout this eternal fight

Posted at Saturday, January 17, 2004 by mentalmidget
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Friday, January 16, 2004


Beating upon the bars

I am locked inside a cage

Pacing back and forth

As I'm stuck in an uncontrollable rage

I'm bound and beaten

Upon the ground

And from my lips

Escapes no sound

My heart is shattered

Into tiny pieces

This agonizing torture

Never ceases

I try to fight back

But I have fallen down

In my own blood

I shall soon drown

I stop breathing

As my soul slowly dies

I am no longer here

In this world full of deceit and lies

hehehe this is one of my poems

Posted at Friday, January 16, 2004 by mentalmidget
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First Entry ummm...yay!

hahahahaha my first entry hmmm...what should i say about myself?  well i guess no one understands me and most think that i am crazy...dunno boyfriend says that i was a jewel in the mud until he found me...he is so sweet and i loves him so much...he is stranger than i am...he says odd things all of the time and always tries to get me to laugh...he is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and i am so lucky to have someone like him....even though he is so far away....yeah, it is an online relationship...but there is no one here for me...i live in missouri (ugh), which is full of hicks...there is no guy that is my type here...first guy i went out with tried to rape me...second guy i ever cared about killed i have joe and i don't want anything to happen to destroy it...i need him...i have never needed anyone is so odd that i need someone now...never needed anyone before...went through my father repeatedly beating on me and telling me how worthless i am, everyone that i ever trusted betraying me, losing the first guy i ever cared about, and a lot of other things all by myself.  joe said i was a lone wolf until him.  he also hasn't had much success with relationships.  lauren, his ex, cheated on him for 3 months and then she just stopped talking to him...he tried to kill himself when she stopped talking to him and was sent to a psyche ward.  then after he got out, she immediately broke up with him.  he came to me so broken, so hurt...he needed someone so badly and i was the only one there for him...he asked me out...he was nervous...he didn't think that i would say yes...but i did...the truth is, i liked him before he asked me out...i liked him when he was still with lauren...we have been together since september 21, 2003...he has tried to kill himself twice during this time...he promises not to do it again...he says that i am not gonna lose another one...he knows that i prolly won't be able to take it if it happens again...i hope he does keep this promise.  mai (the girl we "adopted" hahahaha) says that he is a "god of death".  that everytime he has tried to kill himself, he has failed.  she says that he can't leave this world until i am gone and i cannot leave it until he is gone...maybe she is right...she is an odd person though...she has a crush on me...eep...bad stuff!  she hits on me and says that she is gonna have her wicked way with me...not gonna happen though cause i only wants joe, no one else!  hahahahaha o.O some guy thinks that i am older than i really am.  i am 14, not 18!  crazyness...

Posted at Friday, January 16, 2004 by mentalmidget
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